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Bank IT  Officer Competition Arena

1.     A floating point is said to be normalized if the most significant digit of the mantissa is—

        (a) Zero               (b) Non-zero

        (c) Negative         (d) Positive

        (e) None of the above

2.     Which of the following application is suitable for FIFO Queue ?

        (a) An inventory of parts is to be processed by part number

        (b) A dictionary of words used by a spelling checker is to be created

        (c) A program to solve a maze is to back track to an earlier position when a dead end position is reached

        (d) A program to keep track of patients as the check into clinic, assigning them to doctors on first come, first served basis

        (e) None of the above

3.     The field that investigates the mechanics of human intelligence is—

        (a) Artificial Science

        (b) Cognitive Science

        (c) Psychology      (d) Sociology

        (e) None of the above

4.     Which data structure is needed to convert infix notation to post-fix notation ?

        (a) Branch     (b) Queue      (c) Tree             (d) Stack      (e) None of the above

5.     Data are followed to be transmitted in only one direction in a—

        (a) Simplex Channel

        (b) Duplex Channel

        (c) Half-Duplex Channel

        (d) Full-Duplex Channel

        (e) None of the above

6.     Which of the following statement is not true regarding graph ?

        (a) A graph consists of set of nodes and a set of arcs

        (b) A graph is a tree

        (c) A tree is a graph

        (d) Graphs can be directed

        (e) None of the above

7.     Implementation of an inverted list to maintain the record list for each value for a given attribute can be done by—

        (a) Sequential file   (b) Direct file

        (c) Indexed file   (d) Indexed sequential

        (e) None of the above

8.     A 6-MHz channel is used by digital signaling system utilizing 4-level signals. What is maximum possible transmission rate ?

        (a) 1-5 M band/sec (b) 6 M band/sec

        (c) 12 M band/sec (d) 24 M band/sec

        (e)  None of the above

9.     Which of the following is a type of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) ?

        (a) Narrow Band     (b) Broad Band

        (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) Medium Band

        (e) None of the above

10.    Which of the following is easiest software  development process model ?

        (a) Waterfall Model (b) Prototyping

        (c) Interactive enhancement

        (d) Spiral Model   (e) None of the above

11.    Which of the following feature is related to virtual circuit ?

        (a) Connection oriented

        (b) Each packet sent is routed independently of its predecessors

        (c) Successive packets may follow different routes

        (d) Congestion control is diffi­cult

        (e)  None of the above

12.    Which one of the following interrupt is non-makeable ?

        (a) TRAP             (b) RST 7.5

        (c) INTR              (d) RST 6.5

        (e) None of the above

13.   Binding the same name to multiple operations whose signature differ in number or types of arguments ?

        (a) Overloading    (b) Origin class

        (c) Object model  (d) Package

        (e)  None of the above

14.  The C declaration in A[3][5] of containing ........... elements is itself an array containing ....... integers.

        (a) 3,5         (b) 5,3                     (c) 3,3                   (d) 5,5         (e) None of the above

15.    What is the drawback of infrared and millimeter waves ?

        (a) They are directional

        (b) They cannot pass through solid objects

        (c) License is needed

        (d) Can be used outdoor

        (e) None of the above

16.    Indexes created from a sequential (or sorted) set of primary keys are referred to as—

        (a) Indexed file organisation

        (b) Sequential file

        (c) Index sequential

        (d) All of the above

        (e) None of the above

17.    A central computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is called-

        (a) Bus Network   (b) Ring Network

        (c) Star Network   (d) Both (a) & (b)

        (e) None of the above

18.    Which of the following is a major component of the telephone system ?

        (a) Local loop         (b) Trunks

        (c) Switching Office  (d) All of the above

        (e) None of the above

19.   A linear list of elements in which deletion can be done from one end and insertion can take place only at other end (rear), is known as—

        (a) Queues          (b) Stacks

        (c) Trees             (d) Branch

        (e) None of the above

20.    For tree, which of the following list traversing through the entire list is not necessary ?

        (a) Circular list     (b) Singly linked list

        (c) Doubly linked list

        (d) Both (b) and (c)            

        (e) None of the above

21.    Which of the following is not included in DML (Data Manipu­lation Language) ?

        (a) INSERT         (b) UPDATE

        (c) DELETE         (d) CAREATE

        (e) None of the above

22.    Which of the following communication service provides messages preparation and transmission facilities ?

        (a) Teletex           (b) Teletext

        (c)  X 400            (d) Fax

        (e) None of the above

23.    Which of the following schedular is  in  charge  of handling  the swapped out process ?

        (a) Short term      (b) Medium term

        (c) Long term       (d) Both (a) and (b)

        (e) None of the above

24.    Which of the following is not used as a data structure ?

        (a) Arrary             (b) Linked List  

        (c) Graph             (d) Directory

        (e) None of the above

25.    Which of the following statement is not true in context of strings in C language ?

        (a) It is array of characters

        (b) Last character of character array is always ‘10’

        (c) C inserts the null character automatically

        (d) Any string in C can be read by the function get char ‘0’.

        (e) None of the above

26.    Which command will be used with vi editor to append text at end of line ?

        (a) A       (b) a        (c) i                   (d) I

        (e) None of the above

27.    Which of the following result of a computation depends on the speed of the processes involved there is said to be ?

        (a) Cycle stealing (b) Race condition

        (c) A time look     (d) A dead lock

        (e) None of the above

28.    Which of the following feature/s is/are true regarding concatenated virtual circuits ?

        (a) A sequence of virtual circuits is set up from source through one or more gateways to the destination

        (b) Each gateway maintains table telling which virtual circle pass through it

        (c) The scheme works best when all the networks have roughly the same properties

        (d) All of the above

        (e) None of the above

29.    A compiler which runs on one machine and generates a code for another machine, is known as —

        (a) Bootstrap      

        (b) Cross-compiler

        (c) Lexical analyzer

        (d) All of the above

        (e) None of the above

30.    Banker’s algorithm for resource allocation deals with —

        (a) Dead lock prevention

        (b) Dead lock avoidance

        (c) Dead lock recovery

        (d) Mutual exclusion

        (e) None of the above

31.       A method, which transfers the entire block of data from its own buffer to main memory takes place without intervention by cup —

        (a) Programmed input/output

        (b) Interrupt  driven  input / output

        (c) Direct Memory Access (dma)

        (d) Resident Monitor

        (e) None of the above

32.    the maximum clock rate is quoted for a logic family, it applies to a—

        (a) Shiftregister    (b) Flip-flop

        (c) Counter          (d) Single logic gate

        (e) None of the above

33.    Which of the following table helps in representing the previous and next state of the sequential circuit prior to and after the clock pulse respectively?

        (a) Truth table     

        (b) Characteristic table

        (c) Excitation table

        (d) Both (a) and (b)

        (e) None of the above

34.    A large computer information system maintains many different computer files. Which among them is called a perpetual file ?

        (a) Specialized file (b) Log file

        (c) Master file        (d) History file

        (e) None of the above

35.    One method of programming a computer to exhibit intelligence is called modeling —

        (a) Simulation      (b) Cognitization

        (c) Psychic amelioration

        (d) Duplication     (e) None of the above

36.    In fiber optics the attenuation of light through glass depends on the—

        (a) Wavelength of light

        (b) Frequency of light

        (c) Speed of light

        (d) All of the above

        (e) None of the above

37.    Ap-channel enhancement type MOSFET performs much the same function a PNP Transistor except that-

        (a) It operates much faster

        (b) It is considerably larger

        (c) It is controlled by voltage larger than current

        (d) It is controlled by current rather than a voltage like a bipolar transistor

        (e) None of the above

38.    Among directory entry-node and file contents, which will be changed when a file is updated ?

        (a) Only directory entry and file contents

        (b) Only inode and file contents

        (c)  Both (a) and (b)

        (d) Only directory entry

        (e) None of the above

39.   Which of the following is an important component of semantic analysis ?

        (a) Symbol table (b) Type checking

        (c) Lex                (d) Yacc

        (e) None of the above

40.    Which of the following systems implementation approaches should be used if you want to run the old system and the new system at the same time for a specified period ?

        (a) Direct             (b) Pilot

        (c) Phased          (d) Parallel

        (e) None of the above

41.    Which of the following derivation does a topdown parser ? The input is assumed to be scanned in left to right order ?

        (a) Left most derivation

        (b) Left most derivation traced out in reverse

        (c) Right most derivation

        (d) Right most derivation traced out in reverse

        (e) None of the above

42.    CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing)—

        (a) It is used in class C Networks

        (b) It is used in class B Networks

        (c) It is used in class A Networks

        (d) All of the above

        (e) None of the above

43.    Internal auditors should review data system design before they are—

        (a) Developed      (b) Implemented

        (c) Modified         (d) All of the above

        (e) None of the above

44.    Which language has recently become the defector standard for interfacing application programs with relational database system ?

        (a) Oracle            (b) SQL

        (c) Dbase            (d) 4GL

        (e) None of the above

45.    A program that places programs into main memory and prepares them for execution-

        (a) Linker             (b) Assembler

        (c) Loader            (d) Absolute entity

        (e) None of these

46.    A generalization of the Boyce Codd Normal Form to relation schemes which includes the multivated dependencies is called —

        (a) Second Normal Form

        (b) Third Normal Form

        (c) Fourth Normal Form

        (d) Fifth Normal Form

        (e) None of the above

47.   Lexical Analyzer transforms as input streams into—

        (a) Regular Expression

        (b) Sequence of tokens

        (c) Binary            (d) Symbols

        (e) None of the above

48.    If we traverse binary search tree, in which manner that we get in ascending manner—

        (a) Inorder           (b) Preorder

        (c) Post order      (d) Graph

        (e) None of the above

49.    Blnary number 101110000   is equivalent to decimal—

        (a) 716   (b) 712   (c) 718    (d) 724

50.    The collection of communication line and routers form the—

        (a) Router            (b) Bridge

        (c) Subnet           (d) Packet

Answer Sheet

  1. (b)   2. (c)     3. (b)     4. (d)   5. (a)

  6. (c)  7. (a)       8. (c)     9. (c)   10. (a)

11. (a)   12. (a)    13. (a)    14. (a)  15. (b)

16. (c)   17. (c)    18. (d)    19. (a)  20. (a)

21. (d)   22. (a)    23. (b)    24. (d)  25. (d)

26. (a)   27. (b)    28. (e)    29. (b)  30. (b)

31. (c)   32. (a)    33. (c)    34. (c)  35. (a)

36. (a)   37. (c)    38. (b)    39. (b)  40. (d)

41. (a)   42. (a)    43. (b)    44. (b)  45. (c)

46. (c)   47. (b)   48. (a)   49. (a)   50. (c)  

                                                                                           BSNL JAO Paper                                                                                         

  BSNL-JAO Question Paper 2015
           Choose one right answer from the four options given for each of the questions.
Section : I
Direction (Q. 1-5) : What is the meaning of the following phrases ?            (BSNL-JAO 2015)
1.     Buy a pig in a poke
    (A) To buy something without seeing it
    (B) To buy something after examining it
    (C) To transport the pigs
    (D) None of the above
2.     Bring down the house
    (A) Braking the house
    (B) House entering ceremony
    (C) To become anger
    (D) To get the audience laugh loudly
3.     Break a leg
    (A) Hitting the enemy    (B) Good hick
    (C) Dance till you tire    (D) Body blow
4.     Bulls into a china shop
    (A) A Clumsy person who deals roughly
    (B) A silent person
    (C) To overwork yourself mentally
    (D) None of the above
5.    Raise an eyebrow
    (A) To surprise    (B) To kill
    (C) To cry    (D) To wake up
6.     “CPI inflation will stay at closer to 5% in 2015 as reduction in fiscal deficit, sustained deceleration in rural wages and lower global commodity prices will contain inflationary pressures....” What is the meaning of Deceleration in this statement ?
(BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Decrease    (B) Increase
    (C) Static    (D) Confused
7.     “Renewing the focus on a key issue in election campaign in Queenslands State” What is the meaning of rancorous in the above statement ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Encouraging     (B) Assuring
    (C) Bitter    (D) Lukewarm
Direction : (Q. 8-11) From the following passage, find the synonym of the words underlined:
Lost and found: a the of luck and equipoise
Let me share an experience we had recently as a family that taught us how to think rationally and with equanimity while under stress. We had gone to my in-laws’ place in Hyderabad during the Dushera holidays. Two suitcases with clothes, a kindle reader and the customary work laptop were in tow. For our return journey we were dropped at the Kucheguda railway station to head back to Bangalore. As we had reached the station a tad early, we settled down with our luggage on a bench on the platform. When the train came we moved the luggage to our seats, I always look forward to train journeys so that 1 can read books uninterruptedly. I started a book, so did my husband. An hour and some 40 pages later, my husband’s phone rang, I could hear my husband’s side of the conversation and see his expressions. His expression was turning quizzical. The call was from RPF who found the laptop and other sundry items which we had left in Kacheguda. We had a situation to deal with,...,.             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
8.     Equipoise
    (A) Imbalance     (B) Balance
    (C) Effort    (D) Initiatives
9.     Equanimity
    (A) Stable    (B) Unstable
    (C) Worry    (D) None of the above
10.     Tow
    (A) Line    (B) Platform
    (C) Carrier    (D) Disorder
11.     Uninterruptedly
    (A) With break    (B) Happily
    (C) Continuously    (D) Deeply
12.    Quizzical
    (A) Puzzlement    (B) Sadly
    (C) Hurriedly    (D) Sceptical
Direction (Q. 13-22) : Fill the blanks with suitable pronouns in the following sentence
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
13.    Sachin and ______ were present.
    (A) me    (B) I
    (C) mine    (D) none of the above
14.     It was _______ who wrote the letter to you.
    (A) me    (B) I
    (C) mine    (D) none of the above
15.     Let you and ____ decide what we could do.
    (A) me     (B) 1
    (C) mine    (D) none of the above
16.     Can you strike the ball as well as _______ strike ?
    (A) they    (B) them
    (C) their    (D) whom
17.     _________ hardly knows what to do.
    (A) One    (B) They
    (C) We    (D) None of the above
18.     We always appreciate the people the truth.
    (A) who    (B) that
    (C) A or B    (D) when
19.     Listen to _________ I say.
    (A) which    (B) that
    (C) what    (D) when
20.    Sachin is the very man  _________ all the cricketer want to follow.
    (A) what     (B) that
    (C) whom    (D) who
21.    Say   _________  you would like best.
    (A) what    (B) which
    (C) that    (D) none of the above
22.     For the work l need such a person.
    (A) whom    (B) what
    (C) that    (D) as
Direction (Q. 23-32) : Use suitable prepositions in the following sentences:
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
23.    I agreed.
    (A) on    (B) for
    (C) in    (D) to
24.     She goes _______  school  _______  foot.
    (A) to, on    (B) for, on
    (C) to, with     (D) to, in
25.    We came________ car.
    (A) in    (B) by
    (C) on    (D) with
26.     He has been singing _____ 8 O’clock.
    (A) since    (B) from
    (C) before    (D) by
27.    I prefer hockey ____ cricket.
    (A) over    (B) 10
    (C) than    (D) for
28.    I kept her_____falling.
    (A) from    (B) by
    (C) before    (D) after
29.    Yamuna Express way which connects Delhi __________ Agra may be closed for traffic on Sunday.
    (A) and    (B) with
    (C) to    (D) through
30.     We are praying ______ his speedy recovery.
    (A) on    (B) to
    (C) for    (D) by
31.     Exercise your right___ freedom.
    (A) to    (B) for
    (C) on    (D) at
32.    This is the book I was telling you ______
    (A) on    (B) for
    (C) to    (D) about
Direction (Q. 33 to 37) : Read the following material and fill the blanks with suitable words:             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
             The Executive Engineer ____ (33) lender from the eligible ___ (34) for the work detailed in the (able below, as per the Standard Tender Documents. The ___ (34) may ___ (35) tenders for the work given in the table through e-procurement portal of the Government of India viz. www.eprocrgovrin. The ___ (34) are advised to note the ___ (36) criteria specified in the ___(37) to qualify for the award of the contract and go through the general conditions for eligible ___ (34) and technical qualification criteria given in the e-portal.              (BSNL-JAO 2015)
33.     (A) calls     (B) invites
    (C) asks     (D) directs
34.    (A) applicants    (B) proposers
    (C) tenderers    (D) Indian citizens
35.    (A) file    (B) send
    (C) apply    (D) submit
36.     (A) maximum    (B) minimum
    (C) exact     (D) specified
37.    (A) guidelines    (B) instructions
    (C) advice    (D) cautions
Direction (Q. 38-50) : Choose suitable Antonyms:
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
38. Ample
    (A) Plenty    (B) Scanty
    (C) Big    (D) Dislike
39. Absolute
    (A) Limited    (B) Full
    (C) Complete    (D) None of the above
40. Diligent
    (A) Secure    (B) Infirm
    (C) Idle    (D) Intelligent
41. Inherit
    (A) Bequeath    (B) Decrease
    (C) Increase    (D) Excess
42. Entrance
    (A) Gate    (B) Start
    (C) Begin    (D) Exit
43. Fatigue
    (A) Tired    (B) Sorrow
    (C) Refresh    (D) Exhausted
44. Gather
    (A) Scatter    (B) Get
    (C) Collect    (D) Collate
45.    Intricate
    (A) Sample    (B) Single
    (C) Simple     (D) Supplement
46.    Pursue
    (A) Avoid    (B) Carry on
    (C) proceed    (D) Go with
47.    Rejoice
    (A) Happy    (B) Join
    (C) Joice     (D) Lament
48. Sacred
    (A) Profane    (B) Neat
    (C) Clean    (D) Divine
49.    Town
    (A) Urban    (B) Big area
    (C) County    (D) Colony
50. frugal
    (A) Small    (B) Low key
    (C) Extravagant     (D) Poor
Direction (Q. 51-55):  Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:              (BSNL-JAO 2015)
51.    One should take ______ milk.
    (A) a    (B) an   
    (C) the    (D) No articles needed
52.    It is surely ______ good news.
    (A) a    (B) an
    (C) the    (D) No articles needed
53.      ___dog is ______ faithful animal.
    (A) A, the    (B) An, the
    (C) The, an     (D) The, a
54.    The speaker’s talk touched ______ artist in him.
    (A) a     (B) an
    (C) the    (D) No articles needed
55.    She left for Mumbai by _____ air.
    (A) a    (B) an
    (C) the    (D) No articles needed
Direction (Q. 56-65) : Choose correct meaning of the following words:             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
56.     Acronym
    (A) Angry   
    (B) Fighting with enemy
    (C) Useless
    (D) A word made up of the initials of other words
57. Adage
    (A) Adopt    (B) Additional
    (C) Traditional saying    (D) Tour
58. Audacious
    (A) Weak    (B) Sorrow
    (C) Sink     (D) Daring
59. Capricious
    (A) Eagerness     (B) Adamant
    (C) Unpredictable    (D) Disaster
60. Cognate
    (A) Allied by blood    (B) Collect
    (C) Designate    (D) Support
61. Enigmatic
    (A) Hugeness     (B) Invigorate
    (C) Puzzling    (D) Underdeveloped
62. Iirevocable
    (A) Unalterable    (B) Alterable
    (C) Cancel    (D) Returnable
63.    Maverick
    (A) Rebel    (B) Friend
    (C) Close    (D) Flashy
64. Onerous
    (A) Ownership    (B) Light
    (C) Fast    (D) Burdensome
65. Veneer
    (A) Strong cover    (B) Thin cover
    (C) Big cover     (D) Small layer
Direction (Q. 66-70) : Read the following passage and select the correct meaning of the underlined words:              (BSNL-JAO 2015)
         The risk-neutral valuation principle stats that a derivative can be valued by (a) calculating the expected payoff on the assumption that the expected return from the underlying asset equals the risk-free interest rate and (b) discountmg the expected payoff at the risk free interest rate. When interest rates are constant, risk-neutral valuation provides a well-defined and unambiguous valuation tool. When interest rates are stochastic, ii is less clear-cur Here, the theoretical underpinnings of risk-neutral valuation when interest rates are stochastic are explained. Martingales and measures are critical to a full understanding of risk-free neutral valuation.
66.  Derivative
    (A) Original   
    (B) Imagine
    (C) Having a value that depends on an underlying asset
    (D) Having a value that depends on an underlying liability
67.     Underpinnings
    (A) Foundations    (B) Top structure
    (C) Pin Badge    (D) Cylinder
68.     Stochastic
    (A) Absolutely     (B) Random
    (C) Total population    (D) None of the above
69.    Martingales
    (A) Marginal angles   
    (B) Coast patrolling
    (C) Zero-drift stochastic process
    (D) None of the above
70.    Underlying
    (A) Explicit    (B) Oral
    (C) Direct     (D) Implicit
Direction (Q. 71-75) : In the following sentences, using the correct conjunctions;
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
71.     He is ________ intelligent  ______ hard working. that is why he could not progress.
    (A) not, arid     (B) either, or
    (C) very, but     (D) neither, nor
72.    He has _______ gone to the cinema _____ of his friend’s house.
    (A) either, or    (B) no, either
    (C) neither, not    (D) none of me above
73.    _______ Kohli’s fighting century, India lost the match.
    (A) Despite    (B) Although
    (C) But     (D) As
74.     _______ the Investigators confirmed that the Minister’s statement was recorded, they remained silent over when exactly they approached him.
    (A) Despite    (B) Although
    (C) But     (D) As
75.    ________ leaving the accused offered the victim a drink that was laced with sedative.
    (A) Before    (B) When
    (C) As     (D) Due to
76.    Who lives a lonely, austere life ?
    (A) Extrovert    (B) Egoist
    (C) Ambivert     (D) Ascetic
77.    Who is more interested in the welfare of others than his own ?
    (A) Altruist    (B) Introvert
    (C) Egotist    (D) Ambivert
78. Who hates marriage?
    (A) Introvert    (B) Egotist
    (C) Ascetic    (D) Misogamist
79. Who is incredibly conceited ?
    (A) Egotist        (B) Extrovert
    (C) Misogamist     (D) Ambivert
80. Keenness of mind is
    (A) Perspicacity    (B) Peace
    (C) Clear    (D) Capacity
Direction (Q. 81-90) : In the questions  choose the correct indirect speech:
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
81.    She said to me, “The train will arrive at 10 am”.
    (A) She told me that the train will arrive at 10 am.
    (B) She told me that the train would airive at 10 am.
    (C) She explained me that the train would arrive at 10 am.
    (D) She said me that the train would strive at 10 am.
82.     He said to his friend, “Please wait for me”.
    (A) He requested his friend to wait for him.
    (B) He asked his friend to wait for him.
    (C) He told his friend to wait for him.
    (D) He ordered his friend to wait for him.
83.     Rahul said to me, “Do not walk so fast”.
    (A) Rahul told do not to walk so fast.
    (B) Rahul said me not to walk so fast.   
    (C) Rahul told me not to walk so fast.
    (D) Rahul asked to me not to walk so fast.
84.     He said to his servant “Clean the room”,
    (A) He requested his servant to clean the room.
    (B) He said his servant to clean the room:
    (C) He told his servant to clean the room.
    (D) He ordered his servant to clean the room.
95.     They asked me, “What are you doing” ?
    (A) They asked me what I am doing.
    (B) They asked me what I was doing.
    (C) They said me what I was doing.
    (D) They said me what 1 am doing.
86.     She said to her brother, “What you have described is interesting'.
    (A) She told her brother what he has described was interesting.
    (B) She said to her brother what he had described was interesting.
    (C) She said her brother what he has described was interesting.
    (D) She told her brother what he had described was interesting.
87.    He said “ Oh! 1 have qualified”.
    (A) He said with joy he had qualified.
    (B) He told with joy he had qualified.
    (C) He exclaimed with joy he had qualified.
    (D) He danced with joy that he had qualified.
88.    “Why he absents himself from class is not understandable easily” the teacher said.
    (A) The teacher said why he absented himself from class was not understandable.
    (B) The teacher wondered why he absented himself from class was not understandable.
    (C) The teacher said why he absented himself from class is not understandable.
    (D) The teacher surprised why he absented himself from class was not understandable.
89.    One player said to the other, “ Let us play in another ground”.
    (A) One player suggested to the other that they should play in another ground.
    (B) One player told to the other that they should play in another ground.
    (C) One player called to the other that they should play in another ground.
    (D) One player suggested to the other that they will play in another ground.
90.    I said to them, “Where have you been?”
    (A) I questioned them where they had been.
    (B) I asked them where they have been.
    (C) I asked them where they had been.   
    (D) I talked to them where they had been.
Direction (Q. 91-100) : Fill in the blanks with suitable words:              (BSNL-JAO 2015)
91.    Logistics and staffing firms are now _____ in villages for delivery boys.
    (A) scouting    (B) seeing
    (C) visiting        (D) none of the above
92.    The Minister has _______ the Union Home Ministry with a demand for Rs. 65,000 crore

to install instant police system.
    (A) stumped    (B) surprised
    (C) asked    (D) approached
93.     Amazon _______ into movie business.
    (A) enters    (B) forays
    (C) moves    (D) gets
94.     Lafarge India plans to _______ stake it sold to Barings.
    (A) buy        (B) buy-back
    (C) get back    (D) none of the above
95.     The CBl Court is _________ the validity of a closure report filed by the CBI.
    (A) hearing    (B) examining
    (C) verifying    (D) none of the above
96.    Women employees _____  27% less then men; Monster study
    (A) earn    (B) get
    (C) receive    (D) take
97.     Pace of Chinese economy ______ to 24 year nadir.
    (A) increases    (B) slows
    (C) grows    (D) goes
98.     Sensex _______ 523 points on hopes of fresh reform measures.
    (A) vaults    (B) drops
    (C) goes     (D) dumps
99.     EU ______ ban on Indian Mangoes.
    (A) Lifts    (B) cancels
    (C) raises    (D) none of the above
100.    Vikram Pandit & others in Bitcoin firm.
    (A) puts    (B) pumps
    (C) invest    (D) none of the above
Section - II
101.    Complete the sequence:-
    11 80 22 33 40 : Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, .......?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Chennai    (B) Ranchi
    (C) Jaipur    (D) Hyderabad
103.    Who holds the record of hitting second fastest GDI century ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) AB deVilliere
    (B) Corey Anderson
    (C) Shahid Afridi
    (D) Sachin Tendulkar
103.    Who is the Chief Justice of India?
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Justice Sathasivam
    (B) Justice Verms
    (C) Justice H.L. Dattu
    (D) Justice R. M. Lodha
104. The ratio of present age of mother to her daughter is 5 : 3, Ten years hence, the ratio will be 3 : 2, Find their present ages.
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 50, 30    (B) 45, 27
    (C) 35, 21    (D) 40, 24
105.     Find modulus of (3 + 4i) (15 + 12i) :   
    (A) 65    (B) 60
    (C) 55    (D) 70
106.    Consider
    Here, rationalising factor for  is :
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 1    (B) 3
    (C)     (D) 2
107.    Who is the present Censor Board Chief ?
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Leela Simon   
    (B) Pahlaj Nihalani
    (C) S.Ve. Sekar
    (D) Dr. Chandra Prakash Dwivedi
108.    The Indian word added in the 9th edition of Oxford English Dictionary is;
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Papad    (B) Catamaran
    (C) Jelabi    (D) Achar
109.    If  then value of x is:
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A)     (B) 2
    (C) 5    (D)
110.    What is FCTC ?              (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Framework Convention on Tuberculosis Control
    (B) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
    (C) Fundamental Convention on Tobacco Control
    (D) Functional Convention on Tuberculosis Control
111.    Solve simultaneously:
    x + y - 3 = 0 and 4x - 5y + 6 = 0
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 3, 6    (B) 4, 1
    (C) 1, -5     (D) 1, 2
112.    International Yoga Day falls on
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 21 June    (B) 20 June
    (C) 21 July    (D) 20 July
113.    Which one of the following is a perishable inventory ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Chair
    (B) A seat in a commercial air-line
    (C) Computer
    (D) None of the above
114.    What is WMA ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Ways and Means Advance
    (B) World Management Association
    (C) Wide Management Area
    (D) None of the above
115.    The first Minister of a State Cabinet  who went on to become Supreme Court Judge is
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Justice Gopalakrishna Gokhale
    (B) Justice V. R. Krishna lyer
    (C) Justice Ramaswamy
    (D) Justice SournUra Sen
116.    CRN -?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Goods Received Note
    (B) Goods Relumed Notice
    (C) Gross Rate Number
    (D) Government Rated Note
117.    What comes in place of “?” mark?
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) E    (B) O
    (C) F    (D) S
118. What is ASBA?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Applications Supported by Blocked Amount
    (B) Applications Supported by Bank Amount
    (C) Applications Sanctioned by Bank Agreement (D) Applications Supported by Bulk Amount
119.    What is the meaning of underlined word in me following sentence ?
    Year 2015 will be crucial as shale oil firms begin to feel the pinch of low prices.
    (A) Rock   
    (B) Favourable
    (C) Oil extracted from oil shale by heating
    (D) None of the above
120. What is OECD ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Organization for Economic and Collaboration and Development
    (B) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    (C) Operation for Economic and Collaboration and Development
    (D) Organization for Entrepreneurs Cooperation and Development
121. Ratnagiri Gas & Power Ltd. as earlier known as             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Gabhol    (B) Dabhol
    (C) Cabhol    (D) Fabhol
122.    What is XBRL ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Extendable Business Reporting Language
    (B) Extensible Business Reporting Language
    (C) X-rayed Business Reporting Loop
    (D) X-rayed Business Related Licensing
123.    While working on a word file Key F5 denotes
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Find and Replace   
    (B) Spelling and Grammar
    (C) Renaming    
    (D) Help Menu
124. We have a group of S men and 7 women. We are asked to form a sub-committee of 3 men and 4 women out of them. In how many ways this sub-committee can be formed ?
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 4    (B) 1960
    (C) 672    (D) 11640
125.    A car covered 200 kms. For first 50 kms., it moved at 50 kmph, second at 40 kmph. third at 25 kmph and lastly at 20 kmph. Its average speed (kmph) was:             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 35 Approx    (B) 30 Approx
    (C) 20 Approx    (D) 39 Approx
126.    Whal is next in the sequence:
    4, 16, 36, 64, ?
    (A) 81    (B) 121
    (C) 144    (D) 100
127.    Match: passw@rd87676*476login987565 with any one of the four options:
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) passw@rd87676*476login 887565
    (B) passw@rd87576*476login 987565
    (C) passw@rdH7676*476login 987565   
    (D) passw@rdR7676*476logon 987565
128.    Who is the vice-chairman of NITl Aayog ?
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) PM of India        (B) Arun Jaitley
    (C) Arvind Panagariya        (D) Bagwati
129.    Who among the following are prefixing “CMA” before their names ?
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Members of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India
    (B) Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    (C) Members of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India
    (D) Members of the Institute of CIMA
130. Alibaba is linked to             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Jack Ka    (B) Jack Ma
    (C) Marc Jack    (D) Marc Ma
131. As per the latest estimate. India has cent of the tiger population in the world,
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 50    (B) 60   
    (C) 70    (D) 80
132.    IMF estimates India to grow at ____ in 2015.
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 7.2%    (B) 6.8%
    (C) 5.8%    (D) 6.3%
133. The number of bank accounts opened under PMJDY from 2314 to 29th August 2014, as slated in the Guinness Book of World Records is             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 11.50 crore    (B) 1.81 crore
    (C) 7.5 crore    (D) 9 crore
134.     What is H1N1 ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Ebola    (B) Swine flu
    (C) Virus disease    (D) None of the above
135.    Who among the following persons has won “Fields Trophy” ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Milka Singh    (B) P.T. Usha
    (C) Manjul Bhargava    (D) Dr. Chandrasckar
136. Which one of the following is an example of ‘Target Costing” ?              (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A)  Alto K10    (B) Nano
    (C) Hyundai HO    (D) Nissan Micra
137. The latest draft guidelines released by TRAI is             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) On Tariff   
    (B) On spectrum prices
    (C) On monthly rentals on land line connections
    (D) On Mobile Number Portability
138. Where is Hyderabad House located ?
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Chennai    (B) Hyderabad
    (C) New Delhi    (D) Aurangabad
139.A recent study indicated that 60% of all businesses use BSNL landline connections. From the binomial probability distribution table, the probability that exactly four businesses will have a BSNL landline connection in a random selection of six businesses is:             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 0.276    (B) 0.137
    (C) 0.311     (D) 0,600
140.    how many playing 11 can be formed out of 16 probable’s in a camp ?
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 1200    (B) 4368
    (C) 3684    (D) 7643
141.    Cost function for ‘x’ units of output is :
     the marginal cost at x = 10 will be:             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 200         (B) 300    
    (C) 230     (D) 270
142.    Newspapers, magazines, radio, television are all sources of             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) primary data   
    (B) authentic information
    (C) propaganda of vested interests
    (D) secondary information
143.    Simple tables are used when
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) presenter has nothing to hide.
    (B) study does not have much substance.
    (C) data collected is very deficient.
    (D) very few simple and straight forward features are to be emphasised.
144.    The selling price of 12 oranges is equal to the cost price of 20 apples. Find of the profit percentage :             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 66     (B) 50%
    (C) 33     (D) 75%
145. Arithmetic mean of first 10 natural numbers is:             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) 5.5    (B) 5
    (C) 4,8     (D) 4.512
146.    Correct empirical relationship between mean, median and mode is :
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) mean = 3 mode - median
    (B) mean - median = 3 (mode - median)
    (C) 3 (median - mode) = mean
    (D) mean - mode = 3 (mean - median)
147.    A trade designed to reduce risk is:
         (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Hedge    (B) Pledge
    (C) Guarantee    (D) Warranty
148.    Zero coupon bonds created by selling the coupons on Treasury bonds separately from the principal are :              (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) Treasury Bonds    (B) Delta bonds
    (C) Zebra bonds     (D) Strip bonds
149.    What is NINJA ?             (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) A person with a poor credit risk
    (B) A person with a healthy credit risk
    (C) A person with no credit risk
    (D) None of the above
150.    What NHI stands for in NITI Aayog ?
     (BSNL-JAO 2015)
    (A) National Institution for Transforming India
    (B) National Institute for Transforming India
    (C) National Initiative for Transforming India
    (D) National Inclusive for Transforming India

1.(A)          2.(D)          3.(B)          4.(A)          5.(A)          6.(B)          7.(C)          8.(B)          9.(A)         10.(A)         11.(C)         12.(A)
13.(B)        14.(A)        15.(B)        16.(A)        17.(A)        18.(A)       19.(C)
20.     (C)
21.     (B)
22.     (B)
23.     (D)
24.     (A)
25.     (B)
26.     (A)
27.     (B)
28.     (A)
29.     (C)
30.     (C)
31.     (A)
32.     (B)
33.     (B)
34.     (A)
35.     (D)
36.     (B)
37.     (B)
38.     (B)
39.     (A)
40.     (C)
41.     (A)
42.     (D)
43.     (C)
44.     (A)
45.     (C)
46.     (A)
47.     (D)
48.     (A)
49.     (C)
50.     (C)
51.     (D)
52.     (D)
53.     (D)
54.     (C)
55.     (D)
56.     (D)
57.     (C)
58.     (D)
59.     (C)
60.     (A)
61.     (C)
62.     (A)
63.     (A)
64.     (D)
65.     (B)
66.     (D)
67.     (A)
68.     (B)
69.     (C)
70.     (D)
71.     (D)
72.     (D)
73.     (A)
74.     (D)
75.     (A)
76.     (D)
77.     (A)
78.     (D)
79.     (A)
80.     (A)
81.     (B)
82.     (A)
83.     (C)
84.     (D)
85.     (B)
86.     (D)
87.     (C)
88.     (B)
89.     (A)
90.     (C)
91.     (A)
92.     (D)
93.     (B)
94.     (B)
95.     (B)
96.     (A)
97.     (D)
98.     (B)
99.     (A)
100.     (C)
101.     (D)
102.     (B)
103.     (C)
104.     (A)
105.     (A)CH
106.     (C)
107.     (B)
108.     (A)
109.     (A)
110.     (B)
111.     (D)
112.     (A)
113.     (B)
114.     (A)
115.     (B)
116.     (A)
117.     (A)
118.     (A)
119.     (C)
120.     (B)
121.     (B)
122.     (B)
123.    (A)
124.    (B)
125.    (B)
126.     (D)
127.     (C)
128.     (C)
129.     (A)
130.     (B)
131.     (C)
132.     (D)
133.     (B)
134.     (B)
135.     (C)
136.     (B)
137.     (D)
138.     (C)
139.     (C)
140.     (B)
141.     (A)CH
142.     (D)
143.     (D)
144.     (A)
145.     (A)
146.     (D)
147.     (A)
148.     (D)
149.     (A)
150.     (A)

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