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IISGNII गुरुर ब्रह्मा गुरुर विष्णु गुरुर देवो महेश्वरः गुरुः साक्षात्परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः


Vinthi hain yahi pal-pal, kshan-kshan,


Chandresh  Agrawal’s 9 Golden Principles of  Success

1.  Build Your physical strength and strictly say no to all addictions.
2.  Build your mental strength. This can be done by reading good books, Pranayam etc.
3.  Build your spiritual strength. This can be done by reading religious and spiritual books, attending discourses, Meditation etc.
4.  Choose the field which has growth potential and for which you have aptitude too.If the need be discuss with many field experts before taking a decision.Then
work hard,consistently and intelligently.
5.  Try to excel in your chosen field. Learn intricacies of the profession.
6.  Follow basic ethics of human life like honesty, commitment to your relationships, good character and so on.
7.  Serve your parents and elders. The blessings of parents help you in sailing through your tough times of life.
8.  Spare time and money for weaker sections of the society.
9.  Believe in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta’s Karm Yoga principle. Make full efforts without any Aasakti and remain sum in  Siddhi /             Asiddhi i.e. remain cool and calm whether you get or you don’t get success in the last. See what were the mistakes made by you and next time make those corrections and work hard to achieve your goal.
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