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General and Applied Ichthyology, S K Gupta-S.CHAND

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Introduction And History Of Ichthyology • Systematic Position And Trends In Classification Of Fishes • Agnatha (Jawless Vertebrates) • General Characters, Evolution And Classification Of ‘Pisces’ • Placoderms (The Ancient Gnathostomes) • Cartilaginous Fishes (Sharks, Rays, Skates And Rat Fishes) • Acanthodii (The Palaeozoic True-Jawed Bony Fishes) • Bony Fishes 1. General Characters 2. Lungfishes 3.The Lobe-Finned Fishes • Zoogeographical Distribution Of Fishes • Hill Stream Fishes • Deep-Sea Fishes • Study Of Fish Fauna (Systematics And Bionomics Of Some Freshwater Fishes Of India) • Larvivorous Fishes • The Aquarium And Aquarium Fishes • Fishing Gears And Crafts • Indian Fisheries (General Aspects) • Capture Fisheries „ Freshwater (= Inland) Resources 2. Freshwater Resources (Cold Water Fisheries) 3.Freshwater Resources (Fish And Fisheries Of Garhwal) 4.Estuarine Fishery Resources Of India


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