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Industrial Maintenance H P Garg-S.CHAND

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. Introduction To Industrial Maintenance 2. Material For Machine Parts And Heat Treatment Of Steel 3. Interchangeability Of Machine Parts 4. Guide Surfaces 5. Repair Of Guide Surfaces Of Typical Machines 6. Gear Transmission 7. Bush Baerings 8. Rolling Bearings, Their Shank And Housing 9. Key Joint 10. Spline Joint 11. Couples And Clutches 12. Lead Screw And Nut 13. Machine Spindle 14. Flexible Transmission 15. Machine Hydraulics 16. Repair Of Tail Stock And Chucks 17. Recovery Of Machine Elements 18. Threads And Threaded Joints 19. Seals And Packing 20. Special Features Of Repair Of Cranes, Power Presses/Shears, Hammers And Furnaces 21. Maintenance Tools, Instruments And Appliances 22. Typical Manufacture And Machining Norms 23. Equipment Management 24. Preventive Maintenance Planning 25. Establishing Repair Cycle 26. Scope Of Pm Work 27. Complete Overhaul Of Typical Lathe Machine 28. Lubrication 29. Planning Of Materials And Standard Spares 30. Accuracy And Technological Test Charts 31. Organisation Of Maintenance Department Appendices