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International Trade and Export Management-himalaya

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International trade plays a very important role in the economic development and sustenance of most of the nations. The fact that international trade grows much faster than the world output implies that for many a dynamic enterprise, the potential market is not confined to the national frontiers. And for a good number of companies, the overseas market is not a secondary market but the primary market. The large and expanding world market often offers greater growth-and profit opportunities than the domestic market. No wonder, the multinational enterprises have been growing fantastically and dominate many sectors of the international market. For many small and medium size enterprises too, the overseas market is very important.

This book is intended to provide in one volume various theoretical and managerial aspects of international marketing. The book is divided into four parts. Part I, which deals with important theories, concepts, issues and organisations related to international trade and investment, provides a theoretical background for the study of export management. Special attention has been devoted to presenting the subject matter in a lucid style so that it could be easily understood even by those who do not have any academic background of Economics. Part II deals with various aspects of international marketing management. Part III provides a picture of India's foreign trade and commercial policy, including regulation of foreign trade. Part IV presents some cases.


Contents :

Theories, Concepts, Trends and Organisations

1. An Overview of International Trade
2. Theories of International Trade
3. Gains from Trade and Terms of Trade
4. Trade Policy (Free Trade versus Protection)
5. Regional Economic Integration (Trade Blocs) and Cooperation
6. International Commodity Agreements, Cartels and State Trading
7. Balance of Payments
8. International Monetary System
9. Foreign Exchange Market
10. Eurocurrency Market
11. International Financial and Development Institutions
12. World Trade Organisation (WTO)
13. International Investments
14. Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
15. Globalisation
16. International Marketing — An Introduction
17. International Marketing Environment and Marketing Strategy
18. International Marketing Intelligence
19. Market Selection and Profiling
20. Foreign Market Entry Strategies
21. International Marketing Channels
22. Product Strategy
23. Promotion Strategy
24. Pricing Strategy
25. Organisation for Export Marketing
26. Business from World Bank Aided Projects
Policy, Regulation and Promotion

27. Foreign Trade Policy and Regulation
28. Trade and BoP of India
29. Export Procedures and Documents
1. Marketing Problems of Leather Goods
2. Channel Selection and Product Modification
3. Export Market for Carpets
4. Decorative Tiles Ltd.
5. Minar Biscuits
6. Sind Steel Works Ltd.
7. Fine Home Furnishing Co.