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Making Innovation Happen Sub title: How You Can Develop a Culture of Innovation in Your Organization Author: Ravi Arora-penguin india

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The journey from idea to innovation is fraught with risks and uncertainty. It requires a great deal of courage and perseverance from the teams that work on innovative ideas, as well as from senior management, to embark on innovations without knowing whether they will be successful. This book by Ravi Arora, who is responsible for the innovation programme at the Tata Group, details a new method known as the Innovation Foresight programme. The programme is designed to drive innovations in an organization ensuring that the initiatives enjoy every stakeholder’s active engagement. Most importantly, it strives to ensure that an organization does not lose sight of innovation opportunities, whether big or small. Written in a narrative framework featuring two young managers—Paul and Jiao—who have been tasked with driving innovations in their respective companies, Making Innovations Happen is an insider’s guide to building a culture of innovation.