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Baking is both an art and a science, and mastery in baking allows the baker to be creative in exploring new and quality products from inconsistent ingredients and process conditions. This book, now in its second edition, gives a succinct account of the practical and theoretical concepts, the methods and processes involved in the preparation of various bakery products.

The author, with her rich teaching and industry experience in the field, gives a wealth of information about making of various yeast-made products—bread, cakes, biscuits, desserts and pizza—their ingredients, leavening agents, and the functions of salt, sugar, eggs, and so on in bakery production. She also discusses the use of modern technology machines in bakery production, icings, decoration, bakery organization, and many other aspects.

This revised edition updates and simplifies the existing text in a number of places, and also includes a large number of colour photos of finished products and ingredients, which will provide the readers with clear knowledge about them.

This book is mainly intended as a textbook for undergraduate students pursuing courses in Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition Science and Home Science. Besides, the book can also be useful as a guide for home bakers and industrial bakers as well as those engaged in the profession.


Describes many new bakery items as well as the use of modern machinery in bakery and confectionery.

Gives a number of Review Questions at the end of each chapter.

Provides Short Questions and Answers and two Model Question Papers for self-assessment.

What the Experts Say :

This book contains all the basic information related to raw materials/ingredients, types of bakery products, recipes, etc. I am sure that this book will serve as a good text for the students of Hotel Management and Home Science.

—RAJ KAPOOR, Chief Executive, Assocom India Pvt. Ltd.

With Mrs. Yogambal’s rich experience in bakery industry and education, I strongly feel that this book will help the students in gaining in-depth knowledge in the field and I recommend it for all the students.

—M. PONNILANGO, Director (Technical)
Jenneys Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management

Foreword • Preface
1. Raw Materials
2. Wheat
3. Sugar
4. Fats and Oils
5. Eggs
6. Yeast
7. Salt
8. Leavening Agents
9. Moistening Agents
10. Improvers and Emulsifiers
11. Yeast-Made Products
12. Cakes
13. Icings
14. Cookies and Biscuits
15. Pastries
16. Hygiene
17. Bakery Organization and Equipment
18. Recipes
Short Questions and Answers
Model Question Papers