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A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics, 6/e ER. R.K. RAJPUT-S.CHAND

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"M.E.(Heat Power Engg.) Hons., Gold Medalist; Grad. ( Mech. & Elect. Engg.); M.I.E. (India); C.E.(India) ;M.S.E.S.I., M.I.S.T.E. Er. R.K. Rajput, born on 15th September, 1944 ( coincident with Engineer's Day) is a multidisciplinary engineer. He obtained his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering (with Hons. Gold Medal) from Thaper Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. He is also a graduate engineer in Electrical Engineering. Apart from this he holds memberships of various professional bodies like Member Institution of Engineers( MIE) ; Member Indian Society of Technical Education (MISTE) and Member Solar Energy Society of India (MSESI). He is also a Chartered Engineer( India). He has more than 35 years of experience in teaching different subjects of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering disciplines. He has published/ presented a large number of technical papers. He is author of several books on the important subjects of Mechanical as well as Electrical Engineering disciplines. By dint of hard work and devotion to duty, he has earned the following awards/ honours: Recipient of : i"Best Teacher ( Academic) Award" ii "Distinguished Author Award" iii "Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial, Gold Medal" for an outstanding research paper Formerly Principal: Punjab College of Information Technology, Patiala Some of his highly popular books published by S. Chand & Co. are: 1. Engineering Materials & Metallurgy 2. Solid & Fluid Mechanics 3. Robotics And Industrial Automation 4. Non-Conventional Energy Sources & Utilisation 5. Questions And Answers In Mechanical Engineering 6. A Textbook Of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines 7. A Textbook Of Fluid Mechanics 8. Engineering Materials 9. Strength Of Materials 10. Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation 11 ELECTRICAL Measurements & Measuring Instruments 12. Electrical & Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation 13. A Textbook Of Hydraulic Machines 14. Heat And Mass Transfer 15. A Textbook Of Mechatronics 16. Questions & Answers In Electrical Engineering 17. Questions & Answers Electronics & Communication Engineering"