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Biological Instumentation and Methodology, P K Bajpai-S.CHAND

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1. Principles And Uses Of Some Common Instruments. 2. Spectrophotometry 3. Microscopy 4. Histological Techniques For Animal And Plant Tissues. 5. Drawing And Photography Through Microscope 6. Microbiology 7. Cryopreservation 8. Pcr - The Ploymerase Chain Reaction 9. Radioisotops Techniques In Biochemistry 10. Immunological Techniques 11. Seperation Techniques 12. Animal And Plant Tissue Culture 13. Techniques For Dna And Protein 14. Principals And Methods Of Genetic Engineering // Appendix-I Preparation Of Molar Solutions/Appendix-Ii Chromatography/ Appendix-Iii Artificial Seeds Of Plants/Bibliography/Index

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