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Brand Management-himalaya

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Most standard books on Brand Management have been written by American authors in American context. "Brand Management (Text and Cases)" is designed to serve as a textbook for the Marketing students who would want to learn buyer's marketing in the Indian context. The book draws heavily on Indian examples from the corporate world, including MNCs, of advertisements and in general the Indian market.

The study Brand Management is gaining importance day-by-day. With the 'open' economic policy there is a rise people's per capita real income. Their standard of living in turn affects the need, attitude, lifestyle of the buyers. With the abolition of licence regime and quota restrictions and pursuance of global policy, the Indian market has been flooded with products. The market has turned from a sellers' market to buyers' market-meaning the : supply tends to outweigh the demand. Success or failure of the modern business now depends on how effectively the marketers and advertisers are able to attract the buyers.


Contents :

1. Branding – An Introduction
2. Brand Equity
3. Brand and Consumers
4. Creating a Brand/Building Brands
5. Brand-Product Relationship
6. Brand Extensions
7. Brand Personality
8. Brand Positioning
9. Retail Branding