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Branding Strategies-himalaya

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India is the fastest growing free market democracy in the world. India has the largest knowledge workforce in the world and with more and more people moving to the higher income strata, India is a market that the world cannot ignore. The opening up of the Indian economy has given a level playing field for foreign brands against Indian brands. Several multinational companies have begun to focus their attention on Indian markets. Global brands are threatening the existence of several Indian brands. These brands have strong presence in the minds of the customers globally and have performed consistently for a long time. The current brand strategy followed by business houses in India need a dramatic makeover. In this book authors made an attempt to understand the minds of the Indian consumers and try to evolve a strategy that will closely resemble the Indian outlook. We think that the Indian companies need to fight hard by changing the rules of the game. It would be impossible to challenge the mighty global brands, which have made their way to India, through traditional advertising, market communication and branding. The Indian companies have to respond to these challenges with better strategies and by delivering the brand promise to the customers.

The Indian Organizations have to concentrate on delivering the experiences to the customers leading to satisfaction and association with all the dimensions of the brand. These experiences can be delivered by involving the customer in the supply chain which demands improvement from the organization in terms of training the employees and aligning the culture to deliver value to the customers. The participation of the customers can be ensured by using novel methods of communication and branding. The Profit and Sustainability of Indian Brands will depend on how efficiently and quickly the organization can adapt to these new demands of the customers. Developing a branding strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. It`s often the element that causes most businesses the biggest challenge, but it`s a vital step in creating the company identity. Automobiles, jewelry, ready-to-wear, cosmetics, watches and home decor are only a few product categories where exclusivity is validated as a marketing and branding strategy. How to create an effective branding strategy that will help companies shine in a competitive market.

Contents :

  1. Understanding Women Buyers in Brand Selection
    − Dr. V. Pramadha
  2. Pragmatic Strategies for Brand Development A Study of Select Companies
    − Dr. N. Ramesh Kumar, A. Suresh Kumar
  3. Employer Branding as Human Resource Strategy: A Case of McDonald`s
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar, Mrs. K. Vijaya Lakshmi, Dr. S. Chandramouli
  4. Green Branding Strategies
    − Dr. S. Dandwate, Dr. S. Chandramouli
  5. Logo Rebranding − Marketing Strategy and Its Impact
    − Dr. P. Sridhar, G. Arun Kumar
  6. Employer Branding and Its Impact on the Organization
    − Dr. M. Ravindranath, Mr. Wahed Mohiuddin
  7. Consumers` Perception towards Private Brands: A Study
    − S. Dwaraknath
  8. Destination Brand Strategy: The Case of India
    − Dr. V. Balaji Venkatachalam
  9. Brand Consciousness among Childrens and Its Impact on Family Buying Behavior
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar, Dr. S. Chandramouli
  10. Brand Building Strategies of HUL and P&G: A Comparative Study
    − Dr. Y. Jahangir
  11. Consumers` Perception of Private Brands
    − Prof. Shilpa S. Kokatnur
  12. Corporate Brand Valuation − A Global Perspective
    − Dr. M. Yadagiri, R. Sridhar
  13. Exploration of Place Brand Attributes: A Study of Bangalore City
    − Mr. E. Pandu Ranga Rao
  14. Co-Branding − An Innovative Corporate Strategy
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar, Dr. D.T. Chary
  15. Measurement and Validity of Jennifer Aaker`s Brand Personality Scale for Close-Up Brand
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar
  16. Brand Preference of Men`s Wear − A Case Study
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar
  17. A Cognitive `Just` Brand Model: How Sustainable Is It?
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar
  18. Destination Hinterland: In`s and Out`s of Branding
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar
  19. Measuring Brand Recall in Print Media Advertising: A Study of Selected Brands of Personal Care Industry
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar, Dr. S. Chandramouli
  20. Accreditation of Healthcare Services: A `b Loop− Dozen A` Model of EMS
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar
  21. Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements in Brand Recall and Purchase Decision
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar
  22. Leveraging Brand Assets through Brand Architecture−Imperatives for FMCG Sector for Competitive Edge in India
    − Prof. Bhavin Pandya, Mitesh M. Jayswal
  23. Marketing India as a Brand India
    − Dr. I. Anand Pawar
  24. Branding Strategies and Globalization
    − Dr. M. Yadagiri, N. Sreenivas