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Business Ethics-himalaya

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Ethics is science of morality. Morality has always been respected as a great virtue of human beings for centuries together. Everybody wants to be recognized as a moral person. Even an immoral person also tries to explain and prove the morality of his immoral act and behavior. Nobody wants to publicly declare oneself as a person having no concern for morality and ethics. The point is, that almost all of us are very conscious to pose ourselves as moral individuals; though very few of us are alert and enlightened to check and assess their decisions and actions on ethical parameters.

Ethics is not subjective. It is objective and rational. It consists of principles, values and high ideals of life. It makes a consistent and comprehensive analysis of the rightness of the so called right things and the wrongness of the wrong doings, to decide the truth and essence of the right and wrong conduct. This impartial, unbiased, objective, rational and comprehensive analysis on a continuous basis keeps our conscience alive and our reason afresh. In the present days of the ‘quick-success’ syndrome, our ethical awakening has become the need of the day.

Business ethics is the application and practice of the ethical principles and perspectives in business. The narrow and old outlook that business being an economic activity has to be neutral about ethics and morality is no more acceptable. The increasing economic power and influence of business is impacting nearly all aspects of individual and social life. Commercial communication and propaganda are affecting the individual and collecting decisions in a minute but in a very popular manner.

Today business has got such a terrific power, that it can mould and shape, not only the consumption of the people, but their civilization and culture also. Therefore ethical lethargy or negligence towards business ethics may cause a havoc and panicky. Business has now reached to the position of big brother in the family, who has to maintain his acute sense of concern and caring, even for the smallest and weakest member of the family, throughout. That is why business ethics should become a focus of our attention and a major topic of study and discussion at all levels. A widespread awareness about ethics and business ethics can definitely develop the collective conscience and our greater sensitivity towards the ethical implications of our conduct can lay down the foundation of happy and harmonious global society.


Contents -

1. Business Ethics − A COnceptual Framework
2. Philosophical Foundation of Ethics − I
3. Philosophical Foundation of Ethics − II
4. Moral Duty, Rights and Justice
5. Business and Society
6. Values and Work
7. Ethics at Work-Place − I
8. Ethics at Work-Place − II
9. Institutionalising The Ethics