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C# The Basics--BPB

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This book presupposes no prior programming knowledge on the part of the readers. We start from the very elementary basics of C#, guiding the reader program by program, each one presenting one feature or a cluster of related features of the language. Each succeeding program builds upon the previous one. The general pattern followed is: · Explanation - what does the program do · Minimal syntax - a plain vanilla rendition of the command employed · Simple examples - to fully understand the concept The entire spectrum from the most basic vocabulary and the functions of C# to more complex concepts such as modifiers and pointers, the very heart and soul of any programming language are discussed in a systematic step by step manner. Table of Contents Introduction Section I 1. Getting Started 2. Namespaces 3. Constructors and Destructors 4. Components and Databases 5. Web Enabling Data 6. Miscellaneous Section II 7. Function Overloading and Inheritance 8. Modifiers 9. Virtual Functions - new, override 10. Properties and Indexers 11. Interfaces and Structures 12. Operator Overloading 13. Collection Objects 14. Attributes, The Reflection API and Conditionals 15. Unsafe code