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Consumer Behaviour-himalaya

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This book is intended to serve as a text book on `Consumer Behavior` for the students of graduate and post graduate management courses, conducted by the various Universities and Institute of Management in India. This book is an attempt by the author to offer a comprehensive book on Consumer Behaviour, with materials drawn from various books and magazines. The book is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter explains the meaning of consumer behaviour and the role of consumer in marketing, keeping in mind the interdisciplinary dimensions of buyer behavior. There is also a brief mention of the nature and characteristics of the Indian consumers.


Contents :

1. The role of consumer behavior in marketing
1. Meaning & definition of consumer behaviour
2. Interdisciplinary dimensions of consumer behavior
3. Various perspectives on the study of consumer behaviour
4. Nature and characteristics of Indian consumer
5. Conclusion
6. Summary
7. Discussion Questions
8. Suggested Reading
9. Cases
2. Consumer decision making process
1. Introduction
2. Determinants or factors influencing consumer behaviour
3. Models of consumer behaviour
4. Theories of consumer behaviour
5. Conclusion
6. Summary
7. Discussion question
8. Suggested Readings
9. Cases
3. Social class-Social stratification
1. Definition and meaning of social stratification
2. Factors responsible for social stratification
3. Characteristics feature of social classes
4. Social influence on consumer behaviour
5. Culture - definition and meaning
6. Subculture
7. Cross cultural marketing analysis
8. Conclusion
9. Summary
10. Discussion Questions
11. Suggested Readings
12. Cases
4. Group Dynamics / Group influence and consumer behaviour
1. Group (definition and meaning)
2. Reasons for formation of groups
3. Advantages and Disadvantages of groups
4. Types of groups relevant to consumer behaviour
5. Consumer action group & consumerism
6. Reference group
7. Factors which play role in reference group influences
8. Reference group and consumer conformity to the group
9. Benefits of reference group appeal
10. Conclusion
11. Summary
12. Discussion Questions
13. Suggested Readings
14. Cases
5. Diffusion of Innovations
1. Diffusion of innovation(meaning and definition)
2. Diffusion process
3. Nature and extent of newness of products
4. Significance of new product development & New product buyer decision process
5. Buying decision processes towords new products
6. Individual differences in innovativeness
7. Influence of product characterstics on the rate adoption or diffusion
8. Brand loyalti
9. Conclusion
10. Summary
11. Discussion Questions
12. Suggested Readings
13. Cases
6. Organising buying behaviour
1. Buying motives
2. Buyers decision making process
3. Buyer behaviour and promotional strategy implications
4. Customer satisfaction
5. Summary
6. Discussion Questions
7. Suggested Readings
8. Cases
7. Industrial / Organisation Buying behaviour
1. Organisational buying (meaning and definition)
2. Participants in industrial marketing
3. Characteristics of industrial markets
4. Buying decision involved in Industrial buying process
5. Factors influencing industrial buying process
6. Stages of Industrial buying process
7. Reseller market
8. Government market
9. Conclusion
10. Summary
11. Discussion Questions
12. Suggested Readings
13. Cases
8. Consumer & Market Segmentation
1. Market Segmentation(Meaning and definition)
2. Why do firms go for segmenting Markets ?
3. Criteria for selecting a market segment
4. Bases for segmenting Consumer Markets
5. Bases for segmenting Industrial Markets
6. Strategic Options
7. Conclusion
8. Summary
9. Discussion Questions
10. Suggested Readings
11. Cases
A. Glossary
B. Select Bibliography