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Financial Markets and Institutions-himalaya

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Financial markets have been increasingly influenced in recent times by financial innovation in terms of products and instruments, adoption of modern technologies, opening up to the market to the global economy, streamlining the regulatory framework and so on. Financial institutions which are a part of the Financial Sector and undergoing changes in terms of scope, activities, structure and so on. This book is tailored to meet the specific needs students of commerce and management who study Financial Markets and Institutions. All the latest development taking place in the financial market and financial institutions have been covered in this book. Hope this book, written in a simple and lucid style will serve the needs of the students community.


Book Content of Financial Markets and Institutions 1. The Financial System In India
2. Money Market
3. New Issues Market
4. Secondary Market
5. Merchant Banking
6. Mutual Funds
7. Discounting, Factoring and Forfaiting
8. Financial Institutions