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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines (In Si Units), 5/e ER. R.K. RAJPUT-S.CHAND

850.00 765.00

Properties Of Fluids 2. Pressure Measurement 3. Hydrostatic Forces On Surfaces 4. Buoyancy And Floatation 5. Fluid Kinematics 6. Fluid Dynamics 7. Dimensional And Model Analysis 8. Flow Through Orifices And Mouthpieces 9. Flow Over Notches And Weirs 10. Laminar Flow 11. Turbulent Flow In Pipes 12. Flow Through Pipes 13. Boundary Layer Theory 14. Flow Around Submerged Bodies-Drag And Lift 15. Compressible Flow 16. Flow In Open Channels 17. Universities' Questions (Latest) With "Solutions" Objective Type Test Questions Laboratory Practicals Index