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Industrial Engineering and Production Management, 2/e Martand T Telsang-S.CHAND

495.00 445.00

Part I : Industrial Engineering Introduction To Industrial Engineering Productivity Work-Study Method Study Work Measurement Value Engineering Plant Location Plant Layout Material Handing Job Evaluation And Merit Rating Wages And Incentives Ergonomics Part Ii: Production Management Production System New Product Design Demand Forecasting Production Planning And Control Capacity Planning Material Requirement Planning (Mrp) Process Planning Process Planning Project Scheduling With Cpm And Pert Production Control L Inventory Control Production Cost Concepts And Break-Even Analysis Maintenance Management Make Or Buy Decisions Planning And Control Of Batch Production Application Of Linear Programming Technique In Production Management Management Information System Business Process Engineering Group Technology Just In Time (Jit) Manufacturing Operations Strategy Materials Management Project Management Service Management Product And Service Reliability Theory Of Constraints (Toc) Advanced Manufacturing Technologies And Systems Supplements Additional Solved Problems Appendices