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International Finance-himalaya

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The present revision of this book has to be viewed in the background of the basics on which it was built. Any book on International Finance has to deal with all the components of the International Financial System. SO this book started with the present International Financial System vis-a-vis the domestic International Economic order, etc. The new order should bring out the role of emerging market economies like China and India and their new role among the developing countries. These relations among economies and among them the Asian developing countries have been called upon to play a more dynamic role in the world economic order. The components and institutions in the International Financial System (IFS) are changing and their role and operations particularly, in relation to India are bond to change with the changing socio-political and economic conditions in the real world. These are incorporated in this revision.

Book Content of International Finance


Part - I
International Financial System
  1. Introduction to International Finance
  2. International Trade and International Finance
  3. The International Monetary System
  4. New International Economic Order
  5. Globalisation Forces
    Part - II
    International Trade-Theory and Practices
  6. Trade Theory
  7. Haberler`s Opportunity Cost Theory
  8. Heckscher - Ohlin Theorem
  9. Recent Theories of International Trade
  10. Gains From Trade
  11. Terms of Trade
  12. Dynamics of International Trade
  13. India`s Foreign Trade
    Part - III
    Balance of Payment and Restrictive Policies
  14. Balance of Payments Theory
  15. India`s Balance of Payments
  16. Bilateralism In Foreign Trade
  17. Commercial Policy and Theory of Tariffs
  18. International Trade Organisations
  19. Commercial Policy In India