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Irrigation Engineering, 1/e R K Sharma & T K Sharma-S.CHAND

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Part I : Irrigation Principles And Practices •Irrigation L Irrigation Water Requirement And Crops •Irrigation System •Methods Of Irrigation •Unlined Channels •Lined Canals •Drainage Engineering Part Ii : River Engineering •River Mechanics •River Training •Headworks •Control Structures •Cross Drainage Works •Bridges And Culverts •Canal Outlets Part Iii : Hydrology •Hydrology •Reservoirs And Dam Planning •Earth And Rockfill Dams •Irrigation Water Requirement And Crops •Arch Buttress Dams •Discharge Facilities •Water Power Engineering Appendix-I Dam Safety Appendix-Ii Some Important Dams In India Appendix-Iii Some Typical Design Problems Bibliography Index