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Business Research Methods − Text and Cases-himalaya

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Business Research Methods is a core subject for the MBA courses of most universities. A thorough understanding of the research process, research methods and methodology is essential for every MBA student aspiring to become a successful executive. Managerial decision making is mostly based on or facilitated by the information and input provided by the business research process. This helps managers to reduce the risk to a minimum while raking decisions in the context of uncertainties.

Emphasis in this book is more on theory and less on numerical problems because of two reasons − firstly, the syllabus of most universities are found to give more weightage to theory of research; secondly, MBA students will be studying Business Statistics and Quantitative Techniques as core subjects separately, which will provide exhaustive coverage of the statistical techniques used in business research.

Written in simple, lucid language and style, this book is profusely illustrated with relevant examples, pictures and cartoons to make it interesting for the students. Case studies, and sample questionnaires are included towards the end of the book.


Contents :

1. Basics of Business Research
2. Fundamentals of Marketing Research
3. Business Research Process and Research Design
4. Experimental / Casual Research
5. Collection of Data
6. Measurement and Scaling Techniques
7. Sampling Design and Methods
8. Data Processing and Analysis
9. Reort Writing
10. Case Studies
Sample Questionnaires