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Let Us C#--BPB

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Let Us C#, published in 2010, comprehensively covers fundamental concepts of the modern programming language C#. This multiparadigm language is designed to develop software components that can be used for deployment in distributed environments. C# is a simple objectoriented programming language that goes well with the Common Language Infrastructure. Furthermore, it can also be used to write applications for embedded and hosted systems.Let Us C# has been aptly designed for beginners. The book starts with simple and easy topics, and then slowly moves into the complex ones. Every chapter in this book has been written to help students develop a deep understanding of the subject material. Some of the chapters in Let Us C# are Inheritance and Polymorphism, Language Interoperability, Preprocessor Directives, Arrays and Strings, MD5 Checksums, and Garbage Collection. In addition to this, readers will see that Object Oriented Programming has been extensively covered.