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Management and Organisational Behaviour-himalaya

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More and more universities are recommending management and organizational behaviour as one of the papers in their syllabi. But a comprehensive book which contains explanation on management principles and organizational behaviour s hardly available.

Management and Organizational Behaviour seeks to serve needs of instructors and students ably. The book is divided into two parts. Part I with five chapters contains explanation about functions and principles of management. Part II with twenty one chapters covers all dimensions of organisational behaviour.

The book is highly student center. The language used is direct and conversational. Instructors can expect the book to be handy and useful in as much it is rich with pedagogic aids and India centric cases.

Book Content of Management and Organisational Behaviour
PART − I : Management

Chapter 1 − Introduction to Management
Chapter 2 − Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 3 − Planning and Strategic Managment
Chapter 4 − Decision Making
Chapter 5 − Managerial Control

PART − II : Organisational Behaviour

Chapter 1 − A Prelude to Organisational Behaviour
Chapter 2 − Historical Evolution of Organisational Behaviour
Chapter 3 − Foundations of Individual Behaviour
Chapter 4 − Personality
Chapter 5 − Perception and Attributes
Chapter 6 − Learning
Chapter 7 − Attitudes and Values
Chapter 8 − Motivation − Theories and Principles
Chapter 9 − Applied Motivation