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Marketing Communications-himalaya

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It is hoped that the present text will not only be useful to the students of management especially those who intend to specialize in marketing, but also to marketing managers in practice. This will serve them not as a text but as a text but as a practical guide to marketing communications process. The generic skills discussed will provide them with a practical frame work in the competitive world of marketing Perhaps, this is the pioneer work in the field by any Indian author in Indian context which have remain neglected for decades together by both Indian and foreign researched till now.

Today, companies have positively responded to marketing communications. Now they view all marketing mix variables, and perhaps all company activities, as marketing communication variables. Therefore, price, product, place and promotion the four P`s of marketing are being treated as communication variables, each contributing to the total product message that a company present to it`s existing and potential customers.

Some authors have viewed promotion as marketing communications. But the author`s has attempted to make a distinction between the two; and marketing communications as a separate discipline. He consider, promotion as one of the communications link between the company and its customers.

The marketing communications process for the light it sheds on the general problem of marketing, it provides the marketer with a rich systematic frame work for thinking through the major issues in planning effective marketing communications-advertising, personal selling, publicity and sales promotion and their distinctive qualities.

The present text make a humble attempt to build upon a behavioral base to provide insights into the fundamentals of the marketing communications activities of a company. It presents a general communications model in an integrated way so that it serves as a base to comprehend marketing communications as a discipline.

Contents :

1. Marketing Communications-A Preview
2. Communication-Concept and Process
3. Overview of Marketing communications
4. Communications Model in marketing
5. Attention
6. Perception
7. Learning
8. Group`s Impact on Communication
9. Price in Marketing Communications
10. Place in Marketing Communications
11. Advertising communication
12. Persuasive Communication
13. Persuasive Communication
14. Public Relations
15. Sales Promotion and Publicity
16. Personal Selling
17. Media for Marketing Communications
18. Sales Respresentatives as marketing communicatour
19. Emerging Trends in Marketing Communications: a new face
20. The Future Medium of Communication: webs and Internet