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Microbiology Question and Answer, Kirti Kaushik & Purshotam Kaushik-S.CHAND

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History Of Microbiology| Development Of Microbiology In India | Microscopy |Ecological Groups Of Microorganisms| Microbial Diversity |Extremophiles:The Organisms Which Grow In Extreme Or Harsheet Environments|Aeromicrobiology| Bacteria | Plasmids | Bergey'S Manual | Viruses | Robosomal Rna | Cultivation And Growth Of Microorganisations | Control Of Microbial Growth | Medical Microbiology | Microbial Diseases | Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Aids|Immunology|Microbial Genetics|Microbial Biotechnology|Industrial Microbiology|Pharmaceutical Microbiology And Microbial Technology|Food And Dairy Microbiology|Soil Microbiology|Biogeochemical Cycling|Water And Wastewater Microbiology|Biofertilizers| Mycorrhizae|Biosensors:Bacteria That Detect Toxic Pollutants|Biological Control|Biopesticides|Applications Of Microbiology|Molecular Biology|Tools And Techniques Of Molecular Biology|