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Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, K G Ramawat & Shaily Goyal-S.CHAND

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1.Organization Of Genomes 2. Concept And Nature Of Gene 3. Replication Of Dna 4. Genetic Recombination In Bacteria 5. Rna 6. Genetic Code 7. Gene Expression-Transcription 8. Gene Expression -Translation:Molecular Basis 9. Regulation Of Gene Expression In Bacteria 10. Dna Damage And Repair Mechanisms 11.Biological Nitrogen Fixation And Its Genetic Engineering 12. Transposable Elements In Prokaryotics 13.Enzymes Involved In Dna Synthesis And Cloning 14. Vectors And Recombinant Dna Technology 15. Tools Of Genetic Engineering 16. Methods Of Gene Transfer 17. Transgenic Plants 18. Transgenic Animals 19. Application Of Recombinant Dna In Medicine 20.Intellectual Property Rights And Biotechnology