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Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English with CD-ROM

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Helps students learn the language they need to write academic English, whatever their chosen subject.

The Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English is designed for learners studying, or preparing to study, academic subjects on English-medium university courses. It is the only learner's dictionary to focus exclusively on academic English. The dictionary is informed by the 85-million-word Oxford Corpus of Academic English, which includes a broad range of texts from 26 different disciplines within the subject areas of humanities, social sciences, life sciences and physical sciences. The dictionary shows how general English words are used in different ways across academic subject areas. The dictionary gives in-depth treatment to the academic English that is used across the disciplines. It includes detailed and focused treatment of the words that EAP students really need to know well in order to bring their own academic writing up to the standards required by their course. The dictionary shows where meanings and usage are different in general and academic English, and words