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Plant Pathology, B P Pandey-S.CHAND

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General Principles 1. Introduction 2. History Of Plant Pathology 3. Disease Inciting Organisms 4. Symptoms Of Plant Diseases 5. General Account, Dissemination Of Plant Pathogens And Virus Transmission 6. Epidemiology And Forecasting Of Plant Diseases 7. Host Parasite Inter-Relationship And Interaction 8. Effect Of Climate Conditions On Plant Diseases 9. Physiologic Specialization 10. Defence Machanism 11. Principles Of Plant Disease Control 12. Methods Of Studying Plant Diseases 13. Bippesticides In Disease Management Specific Diseses 14. Diseses Of Cereals 15. Diseses Of Pulses 16. Diseses Of Vegetables 17. Diseses Of Oilseeds 18. Diseses Of Fibre Crops 19. Diseses Of Spices And Condiments 20. Diseses Of Fruit Plants 21. Diseses Of Sugarcane 22. Diseses Of Tea And Coffee 23. Diseses Of Tobacco Glossary Question Bank General References General Index