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Practical Microbiology, D K Maheshwari & R C Dubey-S.CHAND

300.00 270.00

1. Microbiology Laboratory : Basic Rules & Requirements 2. Methods For Study Of Microorganisms 3. Sampling , Observation & Staining Of Microorganisms 4. Cultivation Of Microorganisms 5. Special Features Of Selected Microorganisms 6. Microbial Interactions 7. Microbial Growth 8. Characterisation Of Microbial Cultures 9. Soil Microbiology 10.Molecular Biology 11.Microbial Genetics 12.Virology 13.Microbiology Of Milk And Food Products 14.Medical Microbiology And Pathology 15.Diagnostic Microbiology And Immunology 16.Water And Waste Water Microbiology 17.Industrial Microbiology 18.Biochemical Estimation