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This book is aimed at providing the students with a sound knowledge of banking system in India. The text keeps abreast of all the theoretical concepts and practices of banking in simplified, explicit and elegant way, so that the beginners are able to comprehend the subject with ease.

Accentuating a systematic presentation of the contents, the book explores the details of money and banking, monetary policy, financial system in India, and evolution of banking including modern banking system and structure. The book also deals with present day commercial banking, development banking, co-operative and rural banking, central banking/Reserve Bank of India and Banking Regulation Act. In the latter part of the book, the text provides with an in-depth coverage of sources and uses of funds, emerging trends in banking, project financing, factoring services, merchant banking, venture capital, e-banking/internet banking/online banking and banking ombudsman scheme.

Covering a broad range of topics, the purpose of this book is to present a concise, but complete text on the subject.

Primarily designed for BBA and B.Com students, the book fulfills the syllabus requirement of a core course on ‘Banking’. It will also be useful for the aspirants of CAIIB Examination, appearing for Part I of the Associate Exam, for the paper on ‘Practice and Law of Banking’. The students of MBA and PGDM will also find this book equally valuable.


Foreword • Preface


1.      Money and Banking        

2.      Monetary Policy               

3.      Indian Financial System 

4.      Evolution of Banking

5.      Indian Banking System   

6.      Structure of Banking       

7.      Banker and Customer Relationship

8.      Special Type Accounts of Customers

9.      Negotiable Instruments Act

10.    Commercial Banking       

11.    Development Banking   

12.    Co-operative and Rural Banking

13.    Central Banking/Reserve Bank of India

14.    Banking Regulation Act

15.    Balance Sheet and Credit Control

16.    Sources and Uses of Funds

17.    Emerging Trends in Banking

18.    Project Financing

19.    Factoring Services

20.    Merchant Banking

21.    Venture Capital

22.    E-Banking/Internet Banking/Online Banking