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Production and Operations Management-himalaya

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The production and operations function is considered to be at the heart of any business. Production and Operations Management focuses on getting things done and converting inputs into outputs through some conversion process.

Production and operations managers who are in charge of manufacturing understand the importance of ensuring superior product quality, cutting unnecessary costs, meeting tight delivery schedules demanded by customers and providing better customer service so as to maintain and improve the competitiveness of their firms in the global market.

This book comprises 12 chapters covering various important topics of production and operations management.

Book Content of Production and Operations Management

Chapter 1 : Operations Management-An Overview
Chapter 2 : Product Planning And Development
Chapter 3 : Facility Location And Layout
Chapter 4 : Demand Forecasting
Chapter 5 : Design Of Work Systems
Chapter 6 : Operations Planning And Control
Chapter 7 : Aggregate Production Planning
Chapter 8 : Scheduling Of Operations
Chapter 9 : Inventory Management
Chapter 10 : Introduction To Total Quality Management
Chapter 11 : Principles And Philosophies Of Quality Management
Chapter 12 : Process Management