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Programming With C++ and Data Structures, 1/e Gary Litvin & Maria Litvin-S.CHAND

610.00 550.00

Part One Programs: Syntax and Style, 1.Introduction to Hardware and Software, 2.A First at a C++ Program, 3.Variables and Constants, 4.Arithmetic Expressions, 5.Arrays, 6.Logical Expressions and if-else Statements, 7.Iterative Statements: while, for, do-while, 8.The switch Statement, 9.Algorithms, 10.Monte Carlo Methods, 11.Pointers, References, Dynamic Memory Allocation, 12.Strings, 13.Structures, Part Two Classes and Data Structures, 14.Linked List, 15.Modularity, 16.Stacks, 17.Classes, 18.Recursion, 19.Queues, 20.Templates, 21.Advanced C++ Features, 22.Inheritance, 23.Trees, 24.Expression Trees, 25.Heaps, 26.Analysis of Algorithms, 27.Searching and Hashing, 28.Sorting