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Programming With Visual Basic 6.0, 1/e Mohammed Azam-S.CHAND

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Part One: 1.Welcome to Visual Basic (VB), 2.Creating an Application, 3.2nd Look at IDE, Forms and Controls, 4.Variables in Visual Basic, 5.Writing Code in Visual Basic, 6.Working with Files, 7.Menus, 8.Multiple Document Interface Applications, 9.Debugging Tips, 10.The Common Dialog Control, 11.Introduction to Databases, 12.Working with the Data Control, 13.Data Access Objects, 14.Additional Controls Available in Visual Basic 6.0, 15.ActiveX Data Objects, 16.Crystal and Data Reports, 17.Distributing your application, Part Two: 18.ActiveX, 19.ActiveX and Web Pages, 20.ActiveX Documents, Part Three: 21.An Invoicing Program, 22.Developing an Application, Appendices