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Retail Management (Retail Concepts and Practices)-himalaya

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The retailing has been in existence in the quite past however organized retailing is the recent phenomenon in Indian economy nevertheless it is growing at a pace which nobody has thought in the country. It is providing opportunity of employment to a large section of the people and making shopping a leisurely and entertaining activity. Although retailing is being practiced everyday retail management needs some theory and a few guiding principles. The characteristics of retailing are peculiar and every successful retailer has been able to develop a model which may be replicated with or without modifications.

The store management is one of the most complex exercise and retail marketing beings with understanding the shopping vehaviour. The type of stores, its location and layout and supply chain are critical factors on the one side and consumer behaviour, the psychology of buying and macro level economic conditions on the other.

The book is intended to cover all these aspects in brief basically from the point of view of students of business schools. Various aspects of retail management at the introductory level are covered and explained in easy language to enable students to comprehend easily. The future analysis will be covering in the subsequent books but is serves the purpose of students by covering one of the papers in their syllabus. The book is intended to serve as text book for the students.

Book Content of Retail Management (Retail Concepts and Practices)

1. Retail

2. Retailing-Indian and Global Environment
3. Types of Retailing, Retail Models and Theories
4. Retail Organisation Design and Structure in Retail
5. Store Location, Layout and Designing