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Services Marketing-himalaya

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India is projected to become third largest economy in the world by 2050. The service sector remained the key driving force of Indian economy and average growth of this sector at 8.6 per cent was higher than the average growth of 7.5 per cent during the last five years. Eventually service sector contributed above 50 per cent of GDP since 1997-98 and touched 57.6 per cent in 2004-05. Further India ranked 18th largest exporter of global service and touched export revenue of US$ 51,326 million line 2004-05.

This book substantially contributes to the main stream of knowledge in the service marketing and attends all the facets of the emerging concepts with clarity and perspicacity. The book will prove invaluable to the students of management, MBA, MBM MIB and marketing professionals. Further, in line with global trend, this book discusses the latest services marketing approach to doing business globally - one that has the potential to radically transform the company that adopts the customer centric services marketing principles and practices it advocates globally. The service generating organizations like BPO, Retailing, Banking, Insurance, Cellular Services Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Education, Medical and Health care, Financial service, Information Technology, Consultancy and Professional service, Entertainment and Event management would find this book useful for being positioned their services globally.


Contents :

Section I - Services Marketing Concepts
1. Overview of Services Marketing in the New Millennium?
2. The Fundamental Concept in Service Marketing
3. Managing Demand and Supply of Services
4. Delivering Quality Services?
5. Strategic Services Marketing
6. Designing Suitable Product and Price Mix
7. Designing Service Promotion and Distribution Mix
8. Towards Specific Services Marketing Mix
Section II - Service Marketing Practices
9. Marketing of Financial and Insurance Services
10. Marketing of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Products
11. Marketing of Educational, Software and Other Professional Services
12. Marketing of Health Care, Cellular and Entertainment Services
13. Emerging Influence of Retailing and Shopping Malls
14. Internationalisation of Services.
Section III - Case Study
15. Case Method Analysis