IISGNII गुरुर ब्रह्मा गुरुर विष्णु गुरुर देवो महेश्वरः गुरुः साक्षात्परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

Stores Management-himalaya

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This is the most enterprising book on Stores Management for those students aspiring to make career beginning in Stores and Purchase, Material Management,SCM,Distribution Management, Logistic Management, et al. This book is also recommended for reading to stores practitioners and experienced professionals with long standing experience. This book also provides them with interesting tools and useful modules, helping them updating with latest techniques and modern concepts. The adaptability of such updates from this book can usher into a revised and transformed system in their organization, doing away with obsolete practices traditionally being followed for past many years by such companies. 13 chapters have been written in text form making it a reference tool for those students, research scholars and faculty pursuing higher management studies and engaged in teaching the subject. Entrepreneurs, merchants and intermediaries integrated with logistics, warehousing , distribution operations can find the book beneficial for their business process.

Book Content of Stores Management


  1. Stores Functions
  2. Stores Organization
  3. Stores Builiding and Layout
  4. Stores Identificatin Systems
  5. Receiving and Inspection
  6. Storage and Preservation
  7. Material Handling
  8. Issue of Materials from Stores
  9. Scrap and Surplus Materials Disposal
  10. Safety and Security
  11. Store Accounting and Record
  12. Inventory Control
  13. Automation of Stores Record System