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The Second Edition of the book encompasses two new chapters—Strategic Cost Management and Business EthicsA Strategic Financial Management Instrument. The book, being an augmented version of the previous edition, equips the young managers with the fundamentals and basics of strategic management and financial management in a cogent manner.

The text now provides a better orientation to the students on the topics like corporate restructuring, divestitures, acquisitions, and mergers in the global context with the help of examples and caselets.

The book has been revised keeping in view the requirements of postgraduate students of management and the students pursuing professional courses such as CA, MFC and CS. In addition, professionals working in the corporate sector may also find the book beneficial to integrate the financial management functions into business strategy and financial operations.

Distinctive features

• Model question papers have been appended at the end of the book.
• Better justification of topics by merging the contents wherever required.
• Theory supported with caselets inspired from global as well as Indian context.


Preface • Preface to the First Edition


Section I

1.      Introduction to Strategic Financial Management

2.      Strategic Cost Management

3.      Business Ethics: A Strategic Financial Management Instrument

4.      Strategic Planning and Financial Planning

Section II

5.      Portfolio Tools

6.      Mean Variance Analysis and Markowitz Modern Portfolio Theory

7.      Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

8.      Factor Models

9.      Arbitrage Pricing Theory

Section III

10.    Risk and Uncertainty

11.    Investment Decision under Risk and Uncertainty

12.    Corporate Strategy and High Technology Investment

Section IV

13.    Financial Analysis

14.    Financial Models

15.    Forecasting Financial Statements

16.    Cross-Sectional Analysis of Financial Statement Information

17.    Corporate Valuation

18.    Value-based Management

19.    Control, Governance and Financial Architecture

Section V

20.    Corporate Restructuring

21.    Mergers and Demergers

22.    Acquisitions

23.    Buyback of Shares

24.    Leveraged Buyouts

25.    Divestiture

26.    Financial Distress and Restructuring


Sample Question Papers