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Many A+ certification guides prepare aspiring PC technicians to pass the exam, but don't put test objectives in a "practical use" context. Other PC repair guides cover A+ exam objectives in a real-world setting, but don't prepare students well enough to pass the test and get certified. The A+ Certification and PC Repair Handbooksolves this problem by combining a complete test preparation for the new A+ examinations (220-301 and 220-302) with a hands-on guide that reflects how the A+ exam questions apply to real-world PC repair problems. The book teaches users how to install and troubleshoot hardware, and provides solutions to common operating system-related problems for machines running Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, 2000, and XP. Each chapter includes numerous diagrams and photographs, and explains PC repair techniques using easy-to-understand language and accessible terms. For each chapter explaining these PC repair tactics, another chapter is included on how to pass the corresponding protion of the A+ exam, with objectives and sample exam questions based on the actual tests. Test-taking techniques are also covered, including the test's recent return to conventional linear testing, as opposed to the adaptive format of previous years. The book's companion CD-ROM contains video tutorials that illustrate PC repair techniques, and full-length, timed, 80-question conventional practice test covering both modules (Core Hardware and OS Technology) of the A+ certificate exam.


  • Covers all of the CompTIA 2003 A+ objectives for exam 220-301 and 220-302
  • Discusses the repair of personal computers running Windows 9x, Millennum, 2000, and XP with numerous photographs and diagrams showing how to perform various tasks
  • Integrates sample A+ exam questions after the appropriate PC repair chapters
  • Includes a companion CD-ROM with 320 A+ Certification review questions, timed tests, video tutorials, beep codes, and industry contacts
  • Selected Topics : Part I PC Repair and Maintenance; System Configuration and Computer Hygiene; Motherboards and Their Components; Cases and Power Supplies; Memory (RAM); Magnetic Disk Drives; CD and DVD Drives; Video, Sound, Modems, and Network Adapters; Input Devices; Troubleshooting Internet Connections; Troubleshooting; MS-DOS and 32-bit commands; Part II: The A+ Certification Exams : A+ Core Hardware Service Technician Study Guide (Exam 220-301); Motherboards, Power BIOS, and Expansion Buses; Processors and Cache; Understanding Memory; System Resources and Input Devices; Basic Output Devices; Storage Devices and Interfaces; Cables, Connectors, and Ports; Basic Networking; A+ Operating Systems Technologies Study Guide (Exam 220-302);Operating Systems Fundamentals and DOS; Windows 9x; Windows NT; Windows 2002; Windows Me; Windows XP; Practical Glossary