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Transportation Management-himalaya

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Transportation Helps inbound and outbound logistics of manufacturing units. Perishable commodities like fruits and vegetables are quickly transported from rural areas to consuming centers in towns and cities. Transportation makes people mobile for work, education and visiting places of interest on vacation. The country`s imports and exports are moved through roadways, railways, waterway, and airways for which the roads, railways, shipping and ports and airports form the basic infrastructure essential for sustainable economic development of the country. In fact, the cost of transportation consists of the major part of the distribution cost of goods and services.

Transportation Management-Textbook will enlighten the management students to take appropriate decision regarding the economic mode of transportation, effective supply chain Management and efficient logistics planning in their career. The book is written with large number of numerical and case studies and the question Bank to help students prepare for examination.

Book Content of Transportation Management


  1. Introduction
  2. Transportation Management
  3. Transportation Planning-Important Consideration
  4. Transportation and Supply Chain
  5. Transportation System
  6. Case Studies
  7. Road Transport
  8. The Rail Transport
  9. Water Transport
  10. Air Transport
  11. Logistics of Transport