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WORLD CLINICS: Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Management Analgesia and Anesthesia in Labor and Delivery-II-jaypee brothers

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This issue will provide current and relevant knowledge and understanding to the practicing physicians
Key Features
• This issue of World Clinics is the 2nd in the series on the subject of analgesia and anesthesia in the obstetric setup.

• Evidence-based review of the topic with a focus on providing an updated understanding of the subject.

• The chapter on History provides insights in to the improvements that have taken place over years in managing anesthesia during labor and delivery.

• The article Initiation and Maintenance of labor analgesia describes the safest and most satisfying forms of analgesia being practiced currently.

• Intrapartum fetal monitoring, an important aspect of management of labor, has also been dealt with in detail.

• The later articles like Troubleshooting and Complications & Management of Labor Analgesia also provide useful information to the practicing anesthesiologist for managing their patients.
Target Audience
Physicians, internists, students and teachers