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World Clinics Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Management Pediatric Anesthesia-I-jaypee brothers

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This special issue on Pediatric Anesthesia will provide the reader the latest information in advances in multiple fields of pediatric anesthesia. It is imperative that pediatric anesthesiologist becomes familiar with recent information on evaluation and preparation of a child for surgery along with perioperative monitoring techniques and ventilation strategies and perioperative fluids and electrolyte management. This issue covers articles on challenges in anesthesia for laparoscopy and thoracoscopy, child obesity, neurosurgical procedures and noncardiac surgical procedures with congenital cardiac defects. It was necessary to cover physiological repercussions of these procedures to facilitate anesthetic technique. The issues such as hypertension in children and anesthetic implications, care of the sick neonate, hamatological disorders and transfusion practices, neonatal emergencies, and neurotoxicity of anesthesia on the developing brain are covered comprehensively. The knowledge of assessing difficult airway, ultrasound-guided regional anesthetic technique, and high fidelity simulators replicate various pediatric clinical scenarios is essential to apply the same in the clinical practice. The management of perioperative anesthetic complications, adverse effects of anesthetic drugs on the developing brain postoperative pain is essential for pediatric anesthetist. The ethical issues article involving parental and children’s rights is also covered.
Key Features
• This issue of World Clinics is the first in the series of 2 issues on the subject of pediatric anesthesia.

• Evidence-based review of the topics with a focus on providing an updated understanding of the subject.

• The issue begins with a discussion on the preoperative evaluation of the pediatric patient and is followed by detailed discussion on postoperative management.

• Discussion on difficult airway management in the pediatric sub-population provides keen insights to the anesthetist.

• Adequate pain relief is an important aspect of perioperative patient care and has also been dealt with in detail.

• Articles by contributors of international repute, well known for their clinical and research expertise.
Target Audience
Physicians, internists, students and teachers