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World Clinics : Anesthesia, Critical Care, & Pain - Analgesia and Anesthesia in Labor and Delivery-I Author-Dwarkadas K Baheti-jaypee brothers

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The goal of World Clinic: Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain is to provide evidence-based review articles to practicing physicians that will ultimately help them to provide enhanced and safe patient care. “Anesthesia and analgesia in labor and delivery” is a new theme of this series with the intent to provide practicing physicians with the current knowledge and understanding of obstetric anesthesia. “Anesthesia and analgesia in labor and delivery” is vital as it involves two lives. The focus of this issue is to improve clinical care and safety of women during childbirth and provide an evidence-based resource for both obstetric as well as nonobstetric anesthesiologists seeking information about pain relief in labor and anesthesia for cesarean section.
Key Features
Evidence-based review of the subject with a focus on providing an updated understanding of the subject

Articles by national and international contributors well known for their clinical and research expertise

Covers the physiological and anatomical changes that take place in pregnant women

The chapter on non-pharmacological analgesia can be of considerable use in patients with delay or occasional failure of conventional pain management or when there is a contraindication to the use of pharmacological agents

The section on obstetric anesthesia provides a comprehensive review of regional anesthesia for Caesarean Section and analgesia during and after the procedure
Target Audience
Physicians, internists, students and teachers.